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June 3rd 2018
Hosted by
Lakeside Bait & Tackle

Team event, 2 anglers per team, (although you may fish
alone if you choose to)
Entry Fee is $50.00 per team
Max of 50 teams
Tournament will be Sunday June 3rd 2018 on
Delavan Lake.
Check-In, Inspection, launching and weigh in will be at
the Delavan Lake Community Park (Boat Launch)
Register your team by contacting Lakeside Bait &
Pre-fishing is allowed up until 11:59pm the day
before the event.

Time (7
hour event)
Fishing Event: 7am - 2pm (Weigh-in at 2pm)
Take-off will be at 7am 
Boat inspection will begin at 6am. Please have your live
wells empty.
After inspection you will be able to launch your boat but
you must stay within the first set of buoy’s closest to the launch. A horn will
sound at 7am for send-off. You may start fishing after.
If you're late for take-off you will lose .5 point every
10 minutes you are late.

Weigh- in will begin at 2pm. The boat launch can get very
busy and might be tough to get your boat out of the water in time for weigh-in.
So at least 1 member of your team must be in line with your catch for weigh-in
by 2pm.
Any late teams will be penalized. (every minute late will
result in a 0.5 point 

reduction from your total score. If you're more than 15 minutes late than you
will be 

Keep your catch alive if possible. No deductions or
penalties will be given if you bring in a dead fish. 
But, that dead fish will be inspected by the judges and
over-all participant observation. If it appears that 

the fish were caught prior to the event (i.e.: frozen fish from the day
before, obvious 

over-discoloration, etc), then that team will be immediately
disqualified with-out 

Limits (15 fish total limit per team) which includes.
7 Crappies (per team)
7 Bluegill/Sunfish (per team)
One bonus fish of either a Crappie or Bluegill/Sunfish to
give you a 15 fish total. But only after 

7 Sunfish and 7 Crappies are in your weigh bucket. No more than
8 fish of one 

species can be weighed in.
No Minimum Size Limit.
You may keep a full limit of
crappie and Bluegills if you would like to take fish home for a
meal. But WI regulations still apply and it's still a 15 fish
limit for the event.
All special regulations regarding size and bag limits for
the particular body of water must be 

followed at all times

The scoring system is based on length and weight added
together which will be converted to points.
1 point per inch
Pounds will be converted to ounces. 1 point per ounce.
“EXAMPLE, total length 80 inches plus total weight “5lb
3.2 oz” = 83.2 ounces = 163.2 points”
Tie breaker: whichever team has the largest crappie (length
& weight) will win the tie 

breaker, and if that's still a tie then it will go to the largest Bluegill,
and after that it's 

a coin toss.


Pay-outs will be cash and prizes.

Pay-outs will be for top 10 places (Top 3 places will receive a cash prize):
1st Place = $500.00
2nd Place = $250.00
3rd Place = $100.00
4th Place = Prize
5th Place = Prize
6th Place = Prize
7th Place = Prize
8th Place = Prize
9th Place = Prize
10th Place = Prize
Grand prize= All teams are entered into a grand prize
drawing. We will pull a team name out of a bucket at the end of the tournament.
Cash pay-out is based off a minimum of 20 teams. “Cash
pay-outs might change if there is less or more than 20 teams”
The remainder of the
proceeds will be donated to the Town of Delavan Friends of The Park.
Contact Lakeside Bait
& Tackle to register your team or for more info. Pre-registration is a must
and all teams need to register by 6pm June 2nd 2018
Lakeside Bait & Tackle
3542 State Rd 50
Delavan, WI 53115
Check In, Launch, Weigh In
will be at:
Delavan Lake Community Park 
“Boat Launch”
1220 S Shore Dr.
Delavan, WI 53115